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Silver and Chrome Delete / Black Edition part numbers

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Hi all - I went to a local dealership today and got the full list of black parts that are used on the Sport / Trailsport editions to replace the chrome on the Elite and other editions, as applicable:

  • Gloss Black Rear H Mark
  • Gloss Black AWD Emblem
  • Gloss Black Elite Emblem
  • Black Grille Accent Trim
  • Garnish Front Bumper (lower silver plastic)
    • Part # 71115-T90-A00
    • Link: Honda Factory Parts
    • Quoted Dealer Install Price: $420 (have to remove the bumper)
  • Garnish Front R (lower angled chrome)
  • Garnish Front L (lower angled chrome)
  • Molding R Front Door (chrome trim under window)
  • Molding L Front Door (chrome trim under window)
  • Molding R Rear Door (chrome trim under window)
  • Molding L Rear Door (chrome trim under window)
  • Garnish R Front Door (plastic silver near bottom of door)
  • Garnish L Front Door (plastic silver near bottom of door)
  • Garnish R Rear Door (plastic silver near bottom of door)
  • Garnish L Rear Door (plastic silver near bottom of door)
  • Black Trailer Hitch Panel
Let me know if I've missed anything!
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Can the black trailer hitch panel be installed (to replace the stock silver panel) without the actual trailer hitch itself being installed?
That would just be the rear garnish for the Sport, but I didn't grab that part number.
Just added the front bumper trim and left and right garnishes. Took me 3 hours. Never want to do that again!!

View attachment 166812
How did you install the L/R garnishes?
I had to take the complete front bumper off the car and disconnect all the wires And try to pry the 6 latches from behind the bumper to rip the garnishes off the front. I broke a couple of chrome garnishes clips trying to squeeze and pull at the same time. Once they were out the black garnishes were simple to pop in. The front silver bumper trim was even worse. There are 16latches that you have to pop off. I spent 30 minutes trying to get a section off and a said screw that and grabbed my dermal and cut the 16 silver bumper clips off and I was finally able to slide the silver trim off. I was going to save all the stock parts but after this install I just threw everything in the garbage lol
That sounds brutal. Think I'll just get the dealership to do it.
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They will still break clips... They just won't tell you.
But if they break anything important, they have to fix it for free :)
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Believe it's 08W20-T90-100B.

That list looks great. Does anyone have the part number for the black rims they use on the Canadian black edition pilot?
I thought the same thing and I looked it up earlier from the invoice above. I think that's the part number for the 20" HPD accessory wheels.
You're right. I'm not sure then, and haven't been able to figure it out otherwise. Someone will need to go into a dealership to ask.
I emailed a Honda dealer in Toronto this morning and asked for the part number of the 2023 20" Black Edition Wheel.

Here is the info he responded with:

Part # 42700-T90-A31 - The price is $912.45+tax and it takes about 2 business days to come in from our Montreal warehouse once paid for.

Now the next step is to see if a US honda dealer can get these. I tried to google and havent had much luck.
It's not available on any US site I can find, so it might require a custom order in a dealership, if they can even get them down here.
Just about done – still need the trim right below the windows done, and later the rims, but almost there!
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