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Sierra Nevada - Touring's first snow drive

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I went for the first snow trial to Sierra Nevada last weekend. Almost missed the snow but fortunately we got some fresh stuff overnight.
Ready to go from Tahoe Donner to Squaw Valley, warmed and cleaned...


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eagle63 said:
Michal - If you have experience with other SUV's, how does the Pilot handle the snow/ice in comparison? I'm shopping for an SUV and live in a snowy climate. The Pilot is on my short list, but I read some negative things about the VT-M 4wd system the Pilot has. It was on a Toyota site, so it could have just been fanboy-ism, but nevertheless a good 4wd system is important to me. Thanks! (nice pics by the way)

I have driven in snow with the Pilot and the AWD system in the Toyota Sienna which is similar (I think exactly the same) as the Highlander. The Pilot's response and control is way better. The Highlander doesn't even allow manual lock/engagement of the AWD system, in any gear, as the Pillot does in the lower gears. Now if you're comparing it to the 4Runner that'sa different story, but I don't consider them in the same class -- the Pilot is a CUV and the 4Runner is an SUV...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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