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Show off your Tint Jobs!

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Tint: XPEL Prime XR Plus

Front Windows: 20%
Rear Windows: 70% (on top of factory 20% it makes the rear about 14%)
Windshield: 70%
Panoramic Sunroof: 70%

Location: North Carolina
Install Time: 2 hours

OTD Price: $939.40

Sky Vehicle Car Automotive side-view mirror Grille

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Cloud

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Car Sky Vehicle Cloud
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You picked the same numbers I did! Same reason, for everything to match! :)
My man, I straight-up copied you, lol. No shame about it. Saw your original post weeks ago and saved it for reference. Once I got the pilot without dealer add-ons, I talked to my boys that get new cars & tint frequently. Their recommendations lined up with your numbers so i went with it, lol. It's been so long since I had to shop for tint. You gave me a good reference that lined up with my wants. Too bad that price tag didn't lineup with my bank account, lol.

Thank YOU for sharing your details.
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Ceramic film
Tint: Windshield - XPEL XR Black 70
Tint: Front Side Windows - XPEL XR Black 15
Tint: Rear Glass & Back Side Windows - XPEL XR Black 70


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I’m going in the next couple weeks to get tint installed on my white 23 pilot. On my wife’s 2019 I just got the front two windows tinted 20% and it seemed to match the factory rears pretty good so that was all I did.

I’m going back and forth with if I should do that again with mine or if I should do what most on here seems to do (20% fronts 70% rears) . Do you all feel the 70% was worth it on the rears or not much different than leaving it factory ?
Tinting with ceramic all around keeps out that solar heat gain, I like it. First time I've had a tinted car and many moons. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that much more. It's going to look great either way.
I went with 50% ceramic 95% heat reduction on the windshield and 15% on the front windows. I still need to get the back windows and sun roof redone for heat reduction but at a later time. Really happy how they came out and it does block a lot of heat.


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