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Show off your Tint Jobs!

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Tint: XPEL Prime XR Plus

Front Windows: 20%
Rear Windows: 70% (on top of factory 20% it makes the rear about 14%)
Windshield: 70%
Panoramic Sunroof: 70%

Location: North Carolina
Install Time: 2 hours

OTD Price: $939.40

Sky Vehicle Car Automotive side-view mirror Grille

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Cloud

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Car Sky Vehicle Cloud
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That looks great. If I end up with a Pilot Elite, I'll need some excellent tint being here in FL. I'm saving your post for later reference. Is the XPEL Prime XR Plus the lastes and greatest? I have no problem with that price if it's the real deal and applied professionally.
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Agreed. Investment in good tint is imperative. Again, nice job and great deal you got on the Pilot. If I could find that deal in west FL, I'd be all over it. Thanks for your service too. 🍻
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