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Thoughts of a RockAuto Shopper: “I want either the Autolite, Bosch, or Champion platinum spark plugs. Now I’ll try to minimize the shipping locations by looking for the truck icon so the spark plugs ship with the Moog idler arm already in my cart. But on second thought, I really do not care if the idler arm is the Moog Problem Solver or the Raybestos Professional Grade. I like ACDelco too… What happens to the shipping locations and truck icons if I switch idler arm part numbers?”

Thoughts of a RockAuto Engineer: “The customer is shopping using logic like a computer! Total cost is often the final determiner for customers choosing between the parts they prefer. Whittling down the customer’s approved part choices on their draft shopping list to minimize the cost of parts and shipping is something our software can help with.”

Thus, the new “Alternate” catalog feature came to be! Checking the “Alternate” boxes in the catalog can cut down shopping time while still ensuring you are getting parts you prefer at the lowest total cost. Basically, toss all of the parts you would be happy with in the shopping cart and let the catalog recommend the final selections that best minimize your costs! Read more details below and/or just open the RockAuto catalog and give it a try.

New “Alternate” Feature Details

These two simple steps will help optimize your order totals and help to reduce the number of shipping locations.

1. Use the check boxes in the “Alternate” column to check all parts that you would approve of purchasing.
2. Click the “Add Part” button for one of the selected parts.

Once those two steps are complete, the RockAuto catalog does the rest of the work for you! On the shopping cart page all parts selected will be displayed as a group, with an editable quantity field for the entire group. The parts chosen for you as the most cost effective by the optimization logic will have a quantity displayed, while those that will not be shipping out will have blanks in those fields.

Note that the Alternate feature can choose only one part per group. For example, clicking the Alternate boxes for both front and rear brake pads means you will get one or the other, not both. Instead, try clicking the Alternate boxes for just the front brake pads you prefer and then go back and pick your rear brake pad choice manually (using the truck icons to minimize shipping locations).

Take advantage of this new feature and let our shipping optimization logic help ensure you are getting the parts you desire at the lowest possible total price (parts + shipping).
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