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So I opted for the Bilstein G4 OEM style shocks. In the process of removal, I removed the upper bolts easily. The lower bolts, however, have been another story. I soaked them well with PB blaster, multiple times. Hit them with my new harbor freight air wrench. The passenger side unscrewed fully from the boss fitting, but only backed out about 2 inches and wouldn't budge beyond that. I tried pounding on a crescent fit under the head, but it was awkward to get much force on it, kind of a backhand shot. I wound up re- tightening the bolts, since my wife drives it daily.

The driver's side hasn't budged at all yet. Last night, I put a 4ft cheater pipe on my breaker bar, and lifted up until it hit the undercarriage. It only caused the control arm to lift as I applied force. Note: this was tried with wheels on, vehicle not jacked up.

I'm assuming I can cut the bolt on the passenger side, back it out as far as it'll go, then saw flush with the control arm. On the driver's side, I'd need to cut the bolt head off with a grinder, and then also cut off the boss on the back side of the control arm... I'd rather not do that.

1. I don't have bolts on hand. Any source other than the Honda 90172-STX-A00?

2. Is there another method I'm missing here?
Try Liquid Wrench.

Or, Gibbs.

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