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Seek feedback on Freeman Honda (Dallas, TX)

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Did forums search and checked "Dealer Ratings" area, but found nothing.

Anyone have any experience (quotes, purchase, service, etc.) or even second-hand info concerning Freeman Honda, 533 SRL Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX?
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We had too much going on today to get up to Ft Worth so I'll pick it up Monday. I'll post here and dealer reviews afterwards.
Took delivery of my 04 Sandstone EX from Huggins in Ft Worth today! All was fine with one exception that I unfortunately didn't notice until I was 1/2way back. There was a hairline crack about fingernail width on the windshield. I thought I had the bad luck to catch a rock in town, but when I stopped in Waco and examined it I could catch it with my nail on the inside, but not the outside. It probably happenned at the factory and perhaps highway driving opened it up. I'll call tomorrow and see what they can do about it. It's the kind of thing those windshield repair guys can fix on the outside, I assume they can do the same on the inside.

The other thing I just remembered is to ask what happens to my non-refundable deposit they put on my card. It was not credited to the sale and I think my card was already charged (haven't seen a statement yet) so that's one more thing to ask about.

Over the phone Rosana had explained that normally they only take deposits on ordered cars (not in stock ones) and the one I wanted actually came in before I did so but she agreed to hold it. The mileage was just 9 miles so they hadn't let others drive it. There were no surpises or hidden charges. And my trade in was in the range they had discussed sight unseen over the phone, and higher than CarMax's. Got the sales pitch for the extended warrantee and LoJack but was not pushed when I firmly said no.

I actually dealt with Brenda, who handles internet sales with Rosana. She was just fine to work with, though there were a couple things she didn't explain about the car correctly. Most notably she described the VTM-4 lock as being the only on/off control for VTM-4. I told her I thought VTM-4 would still enable when needed and she said no, but then kind of hedged when I quizzed her more. I always listen and watch as the salesperson shows me the car as I usually learn something new but never rely on it fully.

So all in all a very good experience assuming the deposit is returned or never was charged, and the windshield crack is repaired.

Thanks again, arunpilot, for pointing me to Huggins and I hope your experience is good as well.
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Congrats !!!! BCinTX

Sorry to hear about the Winshield. I hope they will take care of it. Regarding the deposit, Dont worry, Huggins honda will return it promptly. The only worry I had about huggins honda was about the trade in. But looks like you got a good trade in for your old car. Can you give me more about your trade in (model, year,miles and the price you got vs carmax price). Im planning to get the Carmax price for my '98 Civic and if Huggins honda dont match it, i will sell it to carmax.

I have to wait for another month to get my pilot. Im eagerly waiting.
Congratulations again on your new pilot.
97 Honda CRV, 94K miles, minor dent in each fenders plus a few on the hood from a fallen tree branch. Excellent condition otherwise. Kelley Blue Book is $5800 in Good condition with that mileage. I'm sure they deduct repair costs but repairing it would put it in excellent condition ($6350). Anyway, CarMax offerred just $3800, Huggins offerred $4800, after quoting 4500-5000 range over the phone after I described the condition with reasonable accuracy. CarMax has a good rep for trade ins by they are 0 for 2 with me. I was relieved Huggins kept with their range.

I imagine CarMax does better with newer cars they resell themselves; they'd have wholesaled mine off.

I hope my Pilot serves me well for a good long time so I don't have to worry about resale for quite a while!
Huggins says they never charged my credit card even though they gave the impression that they did. I will check my bill next month but I believe them.

Regarding the windshield, they recommended taking it to the local dealer. My timing was perfect as the Round Rock Classic Honda service person asked if I could bring it in right then as the district service manager was going to be there for about another hour. Within 15 minutes they had examined the windshield and said they'd order a new one for me.
BCinTX said:
I just put a deposit down an a Sandstone EX cloth that Huggins got in last night, and will drive up and get it this weekend. $1830 off MSRP. I came reasonable close with local dealers but still not as good plus I get the Pilot NOW!

Thanks Arunpilot!
I got burned. Lute Rielly Honda in Richardson wouldn't come off sticker price. I didn't pay the delivery ($430) or for the mud flaps or the cargo tray, but I did pay full price. Had I known any of it was negotiable, I would have looked around!
Don't let it ruin your enjoyment of the Pilot. Even at MSRP you still got a lot of car for the money. Besides, the free delivery and accessories certainly consitute a discount off full price. When I mention my price I meant that much off MSRP+delivery, and paid for mud flaps, fog lights, and front row window tinting, about $700 I think.
Yes, I know what you mean. But, I bought on 8/21/03, so I got a 2003. I could have waited a month and got an '04, but I couldn't wait! I've been looking at them for a year and ended up in the showroom with a weak will. They got me! Actually, I never even thought of the time of year and when the '04's were coming out. If I had just left the showroom and done some more homework I'd have waited for an '04.

So yeah, I do feel like I paid too much considering it's an '03 bought in August for sticker price (minus delivery, flaps, and tray). But, it was manufactured that same month I bought it, so I'm going to assume it has all the bugs worked out of it. So far, it's flawless, less a dash rattle which should be easy to fix.

I still enjoy the heck out of it! I took it out of town and offroad the first weekend I got it, was just on a dirt road but it was very hilly... I topped over a 30 degree hill (30 degrees up and 30 degrees down the other side) about 25 mph, and got air on all four tires! It was wild. All the stuff in the back (suitcases, and I just spent $40 at the Dollar Store, so you can imagine!) went airborn and was everywhere. Kids wanted an encore performance but I decided against it.

So I may have an '03 but it's a "new" one.
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Finally bought my 2004 EXL Sandstone metallic today from David Mc David, Irving, TX. Got the greatest deal.Click here for more information about my purchase.

:18: :18: :18: :18:
Glad things worked out for you. Were you able to get your deposit back from Huggins? What is that EPP you mentioned? I never heard of it.
(Never mind, I found it in another thread, it's paint protection and leather treatment)
Hi BcInTX,

I got a call from Brenda yesterday that they are not expecting my car untill Mid November. Earlier she promised me to give the car by Mid October. They also agreed that If the car is available in any other dealership, they can get it for me. I told them David McDavid dealership has two Beige EXL. I think they called DavidMCDavid and not able to get the car for whatever reason. Then afternoon, Brenda called me and agreed to give the deposit back as they are not able to get the car as per our aggreement. At the same time I got this funny email from DavidMcDavid about giving the pilot at invoice price. I took an hour off from work and rushed to the dealership and they had the last beige EXL left and I got it. I was not told about the EPP in the email, but $600 over invoice including the EPP sounded like a great deal and Im done.
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