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Seek feedback on Freeman Honda (Dallas, TX)

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Did forums search and checked "Dealer Ratings" area, but found nothing.

Anyone have any experience (quotes, purchase, service, etc.) or even second-hand info concerning Freeman Honda, 533 SRL Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX?
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Did forum search and checked "Dealer Ratings" area, but found nothing.

Anyone have any experience (quotes, purchase, service, etc.) concerning Freeman Honda in Dallas, Texas? Good? Bad? Other? I live in Kansas but am considering buying in Dallas based on promising initial inquiries.

Thanks in advance for any and all comments and suggestions.

If you'd prefer not to post in reply, feel free to PM me or send email to [email protected]
Not on Freeman but I would highly recommend John Eagle Honda on Lemon Ave. Their service and helpfulness is not surpassed by anyone I have ever done business with.
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I put my deposit at John Eagle honda and got it back as they did not give me in writting about the agreed price and model. But huggins honda gave me in writting for a $2000 off msrp for a 2004 EXL SandStone Metallic. If any one interested in buying at that price let me know, we can try get the price even down.
Check PM


Please check your PM (private messages).
If you are serious about buying, i can talk to my sales person. But you have to note down onething, the downpayment that i put in at Huggins Honda is not refundable, as they are giving the offer in wrritting. They dont want us to take the written offer and get a better deal at a different dealer.
Hi arunpilot. I sent you a private message as well, I am interested too. Same color (Sandstone) but in cloth. Thanks if you can help out.
I will talk to my sales person and let you know. But they are pretty strong about the non-refundable deposit. The on road price will be Tax and title + $150 doc fees + $40 inventory tax. That is the price they quoted me.
the last reply is for BCinTX
Thanks, and thanks for the fee info. My only concern then is that they would quote me one price on trade in and nitpick on condition and lower it when I got there and I'd be stuck. That would really be the only case I'd want my deposit back. I'd provide pictures and an honest report on my cars condition. I'm not interested to drive from Austin to Dallas for the I-35 scenery so I'm not motivated to surprise them with the condition.
If you can post your salesperson's contact info I'll be glad to talk to him or her myself and give credit to you as a reference (hopefully might help you to an even better deal or discount on accessories). I'd refer to you as "the person buying the sandstone EX-L posting on" unless you give me a better handle to use with them. I'm working with other dealers in the area but this is a few hundred better than what I've seen so far.
arunpilot: Deposit?


What size non-refundable deposit $$$ was required?
$500 non-refundable deposit. But they give you in writting the model/price/approximate date for delivery.
I just put a deposit down an a Sandstone EX cloth that Huggins got in last night, and will drive up and get it this weekend. $1830 off MSRP. I came reasonable close with local dealers but still not as good plus I get the Pilot NOW!

Thanks Arunpilot!
Congrats!!! BCinTX

Was the sales person the same as i mentioned in my message. I will try to use that as a leverage to see if i can get even a better deal.
Yes, it was Rosana. I did mention you from Good luck on yours!
There is another dealer in Dallas Metro ready with the 2004 EXL SandStone metallic waiting for someone to buy. They are offering $2000 off MSRP. let me know if you are interested. I cant buy it as i already put in my non refundable deposit at Huggins Honda. Huggins honda promised that they will deliver my Pilot in a month.
While you're at it, post your Dealer reviews here and/or here. ;)
Hi BCinTX !!!..
Did you get your pilot?
How was your buying experience at Huggins honda?
Im getting mine in about a month.
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