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See the first vehicle Honda named the Pilot

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Want to see the first Honda Pilot? Honda manufactured an ATV in 1989 and 1990 FL400.
These machines are now selling for more now, than they were when they were new.
It seems that Honda has gotten lazy and are naming cars after the already registered names that they previously used on ATV's. The Odyssey was first an ATV manufactured from 1977 to 1995.

Check out the link!
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Hey Pilot Mike. Welcome :) Here's a quick pic of the 'old' Pilot.


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I believe that the Honda Odyssey had similar beginnings....'

Wow, on this new site, I might actually have a chance to catch up with the Worm's post count! :D :) ;)
No chance, Tim. The Worm can post 24/7. He never sleeps:D
It was a surprise to find lots of these links when I was searching Honda Pilot on search engines!:p
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