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My strut finally arrived yesterday after being on a local FedEx truck and "out for delivery" for 6 days in a row. When it finally got here, the end of the box was badly ripped, the end of the strut mount bolts were sticking out of the box. They don't look damaged, but the bag with the 3 installation flange nuts that was just loose in the bottom of my first strut box was nowhere to be seen in this one, evidently falling out the gaping hole in the box. You'd think KYB or RockAuto would do something better with the little bag of nuts besides throwing them loosely into a huge thin-wall box with inadequate bubblewrap. I've asked them to send me the missing parts, but I've heard nothing back yet.
RockAuto has saved me lots of $. But it's times like these they really need to improve. Like, maybe someone to talk to? When you go to the website, you feel like your being cross examined like a thief on trail when you click their half truth pre-written explanations until finally if you've selected all the right choices you get to say what you want.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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