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Sandstone / Sagebrush

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Has anyone seen or definitively heard of a Sandstone or Sagebrush Pilot at a dealer? Here in So Cal, we have lots of Silver, Black, EP, Redrock and a few White, but so far no Sandstone or Sagebrush. IMHO, these appear to be the two nicest colors. I know the brochure says it will be fall for the Sagebrush, but no such mention for the Sandstone. Why would Honda delay these colors? Does Honda typically do this? We love the Pilot and are anxious to get one, but are considering waiting for one of these two new colors.:confused: :mad:
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I too have the first Sandstone coming to my local dealer. I was told Monday that my car will be in the dealership allotment submitted at the end of the month and that I could expect to wait up to 2 months for my Pilot.

I read on another forum of someone who's Sandstone Pilot has a build date for July with expected delivery in August. You could check with your dealership and see if they have that date yet.

Patiently waiting for my new Pilot.
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