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Sandstone Metallic Pilot sighting???

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I work with a guy that swears he saw a Sandstone Metallic Pilot on the road. He's very knowledgable about cars....but to be honest....I don't think he's ever paid much attention to Hondas (he's big into Mustangs). He told me that it's amazing that since he's seen my Pilot, he's seen a bunch of them on the road. I find that very hard to believe. I've spotted at total of one Pilot (in a driveway), it's Starlight Silver. And the only way I spotted that one is some friends of mine mentioned that one of their neighbors bought one. Although my wife tells me she saw it on the road in front of her a few days before we picked up ours. This guy I work with says he's seen a green one like mine, two silver ones, and a brown one (which he looked up on the website to claim was Sandstone Metallic). If I had to guess, I'd say what he's REALLY spotted is a Clover Green Pearl CR-V, two Satin Silver Metallic CR-Vs, and a Mojave Mist Metallic CR-V. I've probably seen 20-30 CR-Vs on the road since I've owned my Pilot (two weeks as of yesterday). What do you think fellow this guy whacked out of his gourd....or are there really a few Sandstone Metallic Pilots out there?
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Black too....

Hey PRJ - don't forget, Black and Red are out there too....
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