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Noticed while Wifey was driving our last 2k mile roadtrip a couple stains near the top of the pillars. Both on driver’s side. One at Windshield Pillar and other at back Hatch Door Pillar:
Line Automotive exterior Fender Automotive tire Tints and shades

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Window Wood

Put waterhose on top of Rear Seam on slow trickle and immediately started getting water!
Cleaned all the body seam joints with isopropyl alcohol, toothbrush, paper towels and rags until no more dirt appeared on paper towels.
Tire Automotive tire Hood Tread Motor vehicle
Hood Automotive tire Sleeve Grey Wood
Car Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Automotive lighting

Yes- the 17+ yr old body seam sealant is brittle and cracked so planning on knocking any loose off and using 40yr acrylic latex exterior caulking to reseal!
Will follow up with results after rain clouds leave 🤣


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