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So, I'm a dope, and my local Honda dealer is even dopier, because they should be the experts on these things but they're not.

I have a new 2019 Honda Pilot Elite. I have a boat that I tow with my Pilot (or hope to, once it's equipped properly). The boat & trailer are around 3500-4000 lbs loaded. I had the ATF cooler and the tow package installed by the Honda dealer. They didn't ask what kind of trailer connection I needed, and I didn't tell them. I didn't know I needed to tell them. My previous Pilot, a 2011 (which I bought used), came with a dealer-installed tow package. I assumed I would get the same thing on the new one — which is why I didn't know I needed to tell them what I needed.

Our first fishin' mission was aborted because it turned out the dealer installed a four-way flat, but my trailer has surge brakes and needs a 5-way flat — the 5th wire is needed to lock out the trailer's surge brakes when in reverse. We'd be able to drive to the ramp, but we wouldn't be able to back up because we're missing the 5th wire to lock out the trailer's surge brakes.

So I'm not at all happy with my Honda dealer. Not just because of this, but because they were sucky in general during the entire purchase process. I don't want to take my car back there and try to explain to them what I need, and leave my car there for a whole day and overpay like crazy for the privilege.

I learned that there's a 4-way to 5-way adapter than can be purchased for around $10-$12. It has the 5th wire, which needs to be spliced to the reverse taillight wire. Looks like a 20-minute install. Cool!

Does anyone know for sure which color wire is the one for the reverse light? So that I don't have to poke & prod all of them to figure out which one gets power when in reverse?
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