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2013 CPO pinstripes were looking a little rough. Stopped in at a recommended
body shop and chatted with the owner. His indication was this was a couple
hours job if I'd leave the vehicle with him for a day.

Finally had a chance and ran it in. White exterior with gray interior had tan (?)
Honda pinstripes that were past their prim. My opinion was that the tan really didn't match
anything on the vehicle, so he suggested charcoal. Finished product was really nice,
only $60. The only downside was the Honda logos built into the old stripes
are gone. I did find that ordering the factory kit was $35, and included the Honda
emblems. Would not have attempted this as a DIY, although I can understand
someone with a better skllset them I could easily do it.

Anyway, reasonably priced job to clean up the exterior just a bit.
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