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Hello Piloteers

I have a 2017 Honda Pilot Touring. I love my vehicle but have had a few problems.
I had a problem with automatic engine shutdown system. They tried many things but to no avail.
I thought that since most new vehicles are just moving computers I asked the dealership to reinstall the vehicle software. IT WORKED!!!

it also made my 9 speed transmission run the best it ever has.
In the passed couple of days I turned on my Air Conditioning. I have a small thermometer in my upper vent to keep track of the A/C temperature. I had previously complained that the the temperature was only 58 degrees Fahrenheit and thought it should be lower. I had them do an A/C service and it remained the same.
After I got the software reinstalled the temperature dropped to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s awesome now!!!
So if any of you have a problem like these or something that can’t seem to be fixable ask your dealership to reinstall the software. It really worked for me.

2016 CRV Touring AWD, 2005 Pilot RIP.
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We do drive computers after all.
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