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If anyone could help me out with a correct part number for the rear view camera on a 2011 EX-L w/o nav would be greatly appreciated. I just spent two hours trying to replace my camera with one from a 2013 and the plug for the camera was different than mine 🤬 The camera screen comes up on the rear view mirror (if that makes a difference)

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The part you should be looking for is:

A bit pricy, IMHO.
The camera is not really there by itself, it is essentially part of a harness that also goes to license plate lights and rear glass hatch button.

As far as I can determine, the camera used in Pilot 2011+ is essentially an Alpine HCE-C104. It is discontinued, but you might be able to find it here and there. It is more expensive than most aftermarket cameras but:
It will fit Pilot's factory camera bracket perfectly.
It will work correctly with the voltage Pilot supplies to the camera. Most aftermarkets are designed to get power from backup lights which is 12V. Camera circuit on Pilot is more like 8V.

You can take apart your existing camera harness, wire the vehicle 6-pin connector to the new camera, and re-tape the harness back together. This is what I recently needed to do in my 2013 Pilot when factory camera died and I replaced it with an Alpine HCE-C1100.

The camera harness in the tailgate should have a 6-pin connector. The wire colors are (likely) vehicle-side, not camera side.
1 - unused.
2 - grey - shield.
3 - black - camera video signal
4 - green - camera video ground
5 - red - power ground
6 - white - camera power

Assuming you get the HCE-C104: take extension cable to the camera, connect power cable to it and check what goes where with a multimeter.
Center pin of the yellow RCA plug: video signal - vehicle connector pin 3
Housing of the RCA: video ground - pin 4
'GND' wire on power cable: power ground - pin 5
'ACC' wire on power cable: camer apower - pin 6
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