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2011 Honda Pilot LX 4wd

I’m trying to diagnose two potentially related issues, any suggestions appreciated

1) Button on hatch (under handle) stopped working, switch seems like a common problem so I ordered one
2) By the time the switch got delivered the switch (on the hatch) for the rear glass also stopped working
3) I plugged in the new hatch switch but the new switch is not working either
4) The fob AND interior button both do work to operate the rear glass
5) So long story short both buttons on the rear hatch (hatch and glass) stopped working but the glass will still open by alternative means
6) Hatch has no other electronic means of opening because the fob and interior switch only open glass on my LX
7) I checked fuse 23 which was suggested in another post I found and replaced it with a known good fuse just to be safe.
8) Also, and I think this is likely unrelated, the rear passenger door lock stopped operating via fob or interior unlock. That I’m fairly sure is a bad latch which I also ordered. But just in case it’s on the same circuit I thought I should include.

So what am I missing? Simplest explanation, two bad switches, I think is disproven because new switch is not working. Is there an electrical interruption that doesn’t impact the fob-glass interaction but causes the on-hatch buttons to malfunction? Or do I have two separate problems I’m conflating?

I only had 20 minutes to poke around at lunch. When I have time over the weekend I will check for power to the hatch switch.

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