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Random Observations and Questions for my new Pilot

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Enjoying driving the new car around. Haven't had that "new car smell" since 2014!

Lots of little things popping into my head as I mess around with this new toy and I will just throw some of them down here rather than create individual threads.

1) Wireless Charger -- doesn't work for my or my son's phone, and I believe it is because we have those little metal plates tucked inside our cases that I use to stick my phone to the magnetic part of a Scosche phone mount in our other car. The system even pops up an error for my son's phone talking about danger if there is something "in between" the phone and the charger.

2) Passengers Airbag OFF light. So that little yellow light (right below the hazard flashers button) is going to be on all the damn time unless someone is sitting in the front seat? Seems odd.

3) Wifi connection to my phone? There are all these little wifi symbols in the upper right corner of the screen. I connected my phone via Bluetooth yesterday. But it also seems to say that my phone is connected to the car via wifi? There are apparently ways to get the car itself to connect to a wifi connection as a client. But the way I am set up is it somehow trying to use my phone as a hotspot for the whole car? I guess I need to see if there is an SSID being broadcast from the car. I am not talking about the "AT&T Hotspot" function as I hid that app and I have no intention of subscribing to separate service for the car. Also (separate thought) the car seems to maintain its own connection to "TCU" which the dealer told me was like the satellite for NAV? There is a second logo of the car with a little wifi fan coming out the side of it. Is that where one would get OTA updates? (mine shows "latest updates installed")

4) Color of car icon - on the 2023 Accords I remember seeing in a Youtube video that you can change the color of the car in the settings menu somewhere. Has anyone found that on the Pilot? I can't find it. Maybe it's not there because the Accord 12.3" screen is using a different software platform version.
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1) I think the wireless charger is fully dependent on type of phone (how flat it lays) and the case. I have an older iPhone XS with an apple leather case and it lays flat and charges without issue every time and the entire time it’s on it. I think after market thicker cases and bigger camera bumps cause issue. The warning pops up on the screen anytime something charges on the pad.
I confirmed that actually my son's iphone charges okay - he doesn't have the metal plate in his case - and mine also charges when I take my phone out of the case.
Your "airbag off" light should not be lit when the seat is empty. Airbags ARE meant to deploy for an empty seat.

Honda models have a sensor on that seat to turn off the airbag when there is a small load (less than 65 lbs) on the seat, because an airbag can apparently injure a smaller child. Sometimes this light goes on when you put a backpack or other stuff there, but it should not be lit when the seat is empty.

Passenger side airbag should be on, even when the seat is empty.
Yes! This is just what I was thinking last night again while driving. I pointed it out to my wife and she said "mine" (her Accord) comes on sometimes if I have shopping bags in the front seat. Which jogged my memory that this airbag is supposed to turn off if there is some weight in the front seat but not enough for an adult. So like if you had a kid there, or a car seat or something.

So, sounds like some of us have our first squawk problem on this vehicle. Something isn't right with that seat sensor.

Does everyone have this issue? Or everyone with an Elite?
I stand corrected. That seems to be a change from previous design?
Ahh thanks Steiny. I was going to look at the manual once I got some coffee but you saved me the trouble. Well that is good I guess that I don't have a problem. Yes Rico it must be a change in philosophy. Maybe someone decided that it makes more sense not to blow the airbag if you don't need it (then you don't need the expense of replacing it). Still annoys my OCD that a yellow dash warning light needs to be on all the time if I am driving alone or driving with kids in the 2nd and 3rd row but nobody in front. But I guess nothing is perfect in life!
No problem at all. I think the thought here by many of the auto manufacturers is that if you get into a small fender bender and it triggers the front airbag sensors, they don’t want unnecessary airbags to go off - especially the passenger dash bag. When they deploy, they usually rip the dash in most vehicles which would warrant a full dash replacement.
Seems a bit unnecessary to have a yellow warning light on at all times but it is what it is
The last 4 cars I've owned have had that light on when the seat Is unoccupied.
It's strange. Something obviously changed. The manual for the 2023 is clear, as Steiny posted. Yet the manual for my 2014 Accord says the following -- it STILL TURNS IT OFF but doesn't feel the need for an indicator light!

If the front passenger seat is empty, the passenger's front airbag will not deploy and the indicator will not come on.

Passenger Airbag Off Indicator
If the indicator comes on with no front passenger and no objects on the passenger’s seat, or with an adult riding there, something may be interfering with the weight sensors, such as: • An object hanging on the seat or in the seat-back pocket. • A child seat or other object pressing against the rear of the seat-back. • A rear passenger pushing or pulling on the back of the front passenger's seat. • The front seat or seat-back is forced back against an object on the seat or floor behind it. • An object placed under the front passenger's seat. If none of these conditions exist, have your vehicle checked by a dealer as soon as possible. The passenger airbag off indicator may come on and goes off repeatedly if the total weight on the seat is near the airbag cutoff threshold.
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I know I’m not Hogan but it’s much quieter than the 3rd gen pilots. There’s definitely more sound dampening material. Even in the back under the Jack storage area there’s more there than when I put the hitch on my old Pilot. Road noise to me is imperceptible. The suspension on the 4th gen is so much better than 3rd. 3rd would crash over bumps where this model soaks it up. Granted I had 106k when I sold it, so it’s not a fair comparison.
I have only been on one true highway trip since I got the car 2 days ago, but YES I agree. Quietest Honda I have owned yet and notably quieter than our 2010 Odyssey. Agree also on the suspension. Steering feels very solid and connected, yet also not at all bumpy. Don't know how to describe it but I really like it. It's not "floaty" where you feel like you need to be correcting all the time, yet you also don't feel every bump through the wheel or through your butt.

I'm a big fan of this new car! I do have the Elite which I believe has the "acoustic glass" not only on the windshield but also the driver and passenger windows. I don't know for sure whether the Elite has "more" sound deadening material or if all the 2023 Pilots have the same amount....
Yes, I just drove mine first time in the highway today and @ 70-80mph the wind noise is loud. I am not used to it, more pronounced. I did not have that on my 2013 Ford Explorer, way more quieter. I thought mine had problem with seals and insulation? Otherwise, road noise is Okay. Suspension is good and smooth.
Hmm, well I am coming from a 2010 Odyssey where at 80mph there was LOTS of noise :) so this seems pretty composed to me
At some point I will run out on the highway at 80+ mph and see if I can get a decibal reading on a smartphone app, and then will do the same for my 2010 Odyssey just for fun
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More random observations:

1) dealer salesman is a huge fan of Brake Hold. I tried it and I can see how it could be useful but my muscle memory of just holding the brake when I stop and go is so ingrained that I haven't really gelled with Brake Hold

2) Auto Start Stop isn't that intrusive on the vehicle but still a bit annoying to me to have that little lag when the stoplight turns and the motor needs to fire up. One thing I noticed is you can come to a stoplight and stop completely with Moderate brake pressure and then a notice pops on the dash saying Auto Stop Temporarily Disabled Depress Brake Fully to Enable (I am paraphrasing but something like that). So when you apply more pressure to the brakes then the A turns green and the engine shuts off. So if you are moderate on your braking you can still travel around the burbs without triggering Auto Stop (yes I know we can all just press the Disable button too)

3) mpg pretty horrible at this point! After 200ish miles, I am showing 13.5mpg. I still love the car and wasn't buying it for its efficiency but that is way below the reported City EPA number on the advertising

4) again another thing that is cool and new to me...the little voice control button on the left side of wheel. I can press it and then Android Auto voice pops up and I can say stuff like Text Daughter Blah Blah and it has great voice recognition and does it. As Borat would say, Very Niiiice

5). I also love the little scroll wheels on the steering wheel especially the right side one that scrolls through various displays that appear inside the speedometer. Don't ever need to go up to the main screen and tap on Settings etc just to see things like tire pressure or fuel efficiency etc
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4- Cool or not cool, when my wife called me, her face popped up on the digital dash, a bit cool and a bit freaky!
5- Love scroll wheel also, I especially dig the screen that shows the power going to each wheel. It changes based on the drive mode your in too, switch to snow mode, all wheels seem to get the same power, normal mode, all four wheels get power, or not, depends on how heavy you are on the accelerator. Once up to speed, front wheels only. Plenty of cool stuff on this vehicle!
I haven't spent much time on that wheels power thing but I would love to see it in action the next time we have some really snowy streets (and to that point I look forward to seeing the IVTM4 in action)

Even freakier was that your wife's picture popped up on my Pilot's screen! 😳

Seriously though was that on Android or Carplay? I haven't gotten to see that yet but would be funny. Next will be a picture of my wife's face popping up on the dash telling me to slow down every time I exceed the speed limit by more that 5mph!
Android, if your contact has a profile picture it will show up. It doesn't randomly just assign some woman's face to your wife's phone number, that would be weird:)
Yeah I was gonna say I could always assign a picture of Margot Robbie or something to my wife's contact info. I may be more likely to pick up the call haha
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At some point I will run out on the highway at 80+ mph and see if I can get a decibal reading on a smartphone app, and then will do the same for my 2010 Odyssey just for fun
So I had the opportunity to get out on the highway today. Heading out there was a lot of wind noise as we were heading into a pretty strong west wind. Using a sound meter app on my phone the dB rating was generally in the 78-80 range. Coming home later this afternoon it was quieter and the dB was in the 74-76 range. Next time I have a chance to try in the Odyssey I will compare.
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Decibel ratings are extremely subjective. Take for instance a concrete road, they are literally ribbed and are extremely noisy. I'm assuming we're all driving on the same tires? I'll try to take out my actual dB meter (not phone app) and see what I achieve on a couple of our roads. I do know the Pilot is one of the quietest vehicles I've been in/owned.
Yeah for sure. Not saying this is scientific test at all. Whenever I get out with the Odyssey I likely won't have the same wind blowing from the west etc.

I do agree that the Pilot is nice and smooth driving and pretty quiet, and seems quieter than my Odyssey. Not sure about my Accord - it might be pretty quiet too but it may have a more aerodynamic shape.

I had the opportunity to "open up" the Pilot on some more open country roads this afternoon too. It is quick! Fun to drive.
Another early morning trip to sports tournament. Android Auto is awesome! Really. Except when it's not. By that I mean all of a sudden it just lost connection to the car a couple miles before my highway exit. But then after an annoying minute of my attention being distracted it just connected again and the map popped up. Usually it stays connected although this has happened before. As it is wireless I don't really have any way of knowing WHY or how to avoid it.

Also I really like the Android voice command. Really slick. Works from the steering wheel button, but for some reason this morning after one use then the next time I pressed the steering button to ask a second question it then wanted to access the Honda voice commands rather than Android Auto. I could still press the little mic button on AA though.

Gremlins still....
Regarding the voice assistant through AA/CarPlay - if you just tap the button it will trigger the Honda one but if you hold the button for a second or two it should always trigger the one tied to your phone.
Hmm thanks. I will have to try that. I thought my button press was the same but certainly could have been a tap vs a hold. Still getting trained on Android voice. The recognition is amazing. What I don't know is if it is still listening to me or not when it says "so do you want me to navigate to McDonalds?". Seems like no and then I end up pressing the screen to say Go. Do you have to press that steering wheel button every time you want it to hear your voice? I need to play around with it some more.

One sort of odd thing is how you cannot do any search on Google Maps on your phone while AA is running, but then you can search on the car screen but if you want a keyboard then that comes through your phone. I don't see a keyboard popping on the car screen.
Continuing the random musings.....


Just go at them with my normal impact socket? Do they get beaten up noticeably? I have done some quick searches and people talk about a special socket with a softer interior (maybe it is polyurethane or something) but I am wondering how that can really work and still effectively torque and untorque these guys at 94 lb ft.

Since the front face of these won't get touched, it's not the biggest deal I guess if the hex insides get scuffed a little over time but just curious
Hi, soft socket are "soft" on the outside. I am most concerned with anyone other than myself touching the lugs on this car. I picture the impact going towards the hole and the operator using the taper to guide it in. I will be more careful than anyone else!

Anyway, I will be sure to ask/tell them to take care of the wheels if dealer or tire shop has anthing to do with it.
Right...well that's good, so I don't need to buy another socket. I guess it is what it is. I saw something on the interwebs about "never use an impact on black lugs, use a breaker bar" which I have to consider. Although the impact is so convenient I will probably use it anyway haha. Worst case my black lugs have some silver accenting on the 6 faces,.....
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The whole wifi thing has me a bit miffed. It appears that when I engage CarPlay it removes the Bluetooth connection and the phone and car are communicating via wifi. You can tell because music from Apple Music is good and loud. If you try and play music from your phone via Bluetooth it is very muted. I guess I need a training lesson on the new infotainment system altogether. I use to be able to get my other Pilots and my 2021 Passport Elite to notify me when a text comes in. Can't find that feature in the system settings and it is not in the Bluetooth setting in the phone. I prefer the vehicle navigation as well as the other "phone" related tech. I'm not all that fond of CarPlay in its current state.

Another annoying thing is that a short press on the little talking button on the left side of the steering wheel should bring up navigation or other voice commands. All I get is a message saying the the system is gathering voice prompts and try again later. Later is now 5 days. Anyone having this issue or understand some of this differently?
As I noted elsewhere I was confused on the talkie button too. I now understand a long press will bring up Android Auto which is what I want.

I want to use Android Auto so I set the Bluetooth connection for that but I haven't then tried Bluetooth music and it is confusing to me too whether the phone is connecting by Bluetooth or by Wifi when I look in the little connection settings upper right corner of screen. I assume Bluetooth because I didnt know it could connect via WiFi
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Another random I was looking at my Pilot today and got close to the front end...HOLY GRILLE GAPS BATMAN. Maybe nothing to worry about but I can literally stick my fist through those gaps in the grille. I looked at my Odyssey and it has a little crosshatch grille behind the main grille. I know rocks can still get through that too but seems like it would lessen the chance.
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