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Random Observations and Questions for my new Pilot

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Enjoying driving the new car around. Haven't had that "new car smell" since 2014!

Lots of little things popping into my head as I mess around with this new toy and I will just throw some of them down here rather than create individual threads.

1) Wireless Charger -- doesn't work for my or my son's phone, and I believe it is because we have those little metal plates tucked inside our cases that I use to stick my phone to the magnetic part of a Scosche phone mount in our other car. The system even pops up an error for my son's phone talking about danger if there is something "in between" the phone and the charger.

2) Passengers Airbag OFF light. So that little yellow light (right below the hazard flashers button) is going to be on all the damn time unless someone is sitting in the front seat? Seems odd.

3) Wifi connection to my phone? There are all these little wifi symbols in the upper right corner of the screen. I connected my phone via Bluetooth yesterday. But it also seems to say that my phone is connected to the car via wifi? There are apparently ways to get the car itself to connect to a wifi connection as a client. But the way I am set up is it somehow trying to use my phone as a hotspot for the whole car? I guess I need to see if there is an SSID being broadcast from the car. I am not talking about the "AT&T Hotspot" function as I hid that app and I have no intention of subscribing to separate service for the car. Also (separate thought) the car seems to maintain its own connection to "TCU" which the dealer told me was like the satellite for NAV? There is a second logo of the car with a little wifi fan coming out the side of it. Is that where one would get OTA updates? (mine shows "latest updates installed")

4) Color of car icon - on the 2023 Accords I remember seeing in a Youtube video that you can change the color of the car in the settings menu somewhere. Has anyone found that on the Pilot? I can't find it. Maybe it's not there because the Accord 12.3" screen is using a different software platform version.
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The last 4 cars I've owned have had that light on when the seat Is unoccupied.
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