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Proper inHG for Manifold Intake Pressure

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I have found lots of sources that say 18 - 22 inHG for idling vehicles but not a source that lists engine RPMs and correlates those ranges to manifold intake pressure.

My car (2007 Pilot 2WD) had this measurement in a freeze frame:

0B Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure 8.9 inHg

The engine RPM was 906 RPM.

Attached is the Freezeframe. As I have to buy the parts and tools to troubleshoot this problem myself. Could one of you experienced fellow recommend what cleaning and what parts I should do in order of most likely the cause of the problem to least likely cause of the problem based on the freezeframe data?

Here are some parts I was planning on replacing over the next 7 months: 6 Denso sparkplugs, 6 Ignition Coils, MAP Sensor, PCV Valve.

What sort of tools should I buy to do this work? I think this basic metric auto mechanic toolset is sufficient for the lightweight work I am restricting myself too: Hi-Spec Tools 67Pc Metric Auto Mechanic Tool Set, Motorcycle & Car Tool Kit, Auto Repair Tool Set with Pliers, Screwdriver Set, Socket Kit & Tool Box Storage Case for Cars, Trucks, Boats RVs & Jeeps. : Automotive

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I looked at your other post. Are you just trying to get rid of the codes? You may be over complicating your issues.

I had similar codes on a pilot that sit for a while and here is what I did.

1. Replaced the battery
2. Replaced all TPMS sensors (had issues with cheap ones from Amazone but replaced them with Schrader)
3. Replaced EGR valve and cleaned EGR passages on intake.
4. Replaced PCV Valve.
5. New Spark Plugs
6. Adjusted the valves. Exhaust were all tight and are know to cause the misfire codes on all cylinders.

That’s a fairly cheap tune up at around $150 bucks.

I would start there, clear all the codes and see if any return.
I’ve but 10K miles on mine since then and no codes have returned.

2007 Honda Pilot EX-L 2WD
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I've not done any of those things as I wanted a ranked listing of the most probable cause to the least probable cause and proceed from there.

I also want a table corelating engine RPM to Manifold Intake Pressure inHG for that post mainly.
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