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Hi there,

I use my 160gig Ipod for all of my music. I do not store any music on my iphone, but I may occasionally stream music from my iphone.

When I plug my Iphone up to the correct usb port, apple carplay shows up. If I THEN plug my Ipod up to the usb in the console, the Ipod never shows up accessible on my Audio Source menu.

When I reverse the connection order (Using the correct usb for Iphone and the usb in the console for my Ipod), the IPOD shows up when plugged up first and works fine, but then when I plug my Iphone in, the APPLE CARPLAY never shows up.

Can I only use 1 device at a time? I've tried plugging my Ipod in AFTER plugging up my phone, but when i try to touch the IPOD on my source menu, the controller thinks i want to play music from my phone. The screen never gives me an IPOD menu....only Iphone for music.

How can I use BOTH devices without interference.

Thanks for any help!!!!!!
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