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We are considering getting accessories on our pilot and were wonder whether anyone here had any of these and what they thought of them and also what would be the reasonable price range to have them installed by the dealer.

Our dealer charges MSRP for the vehicle, but his prices on the accessories seem high. We have not started negotiating on these prices, this was his initial proposal.

Interior Accessories

1. Auto Day/Night Mirror $367.50
2. All Season Floor Mats $163.00
3. Cargo Cover $249.00

Exterior Accessories

1. Running Boards $719
2. Rearview Camera $962
3. Crossbars for Roof Rails $299
4. Roof Box, Short $288


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Here is how I would negotiate this:

1. Use the web site to build a Pilot with the accessories you want. This will give you the MSRP for the parts, as well as Honda's job time for the labor (the installed prices include labor at the national average rate of $70/hr).

2. Price the accessories on the web, at (if it ever comes back up),, etc. This will give you an idea of how low the dealer can price the accessories and still make a profit (though maybe a profit only for the parts dept, not the sales dept).

3. Find out your dealer's labor rate.

4. Negotiate the accessories as the sum of the internet price and the Honda labor time at the dealer's labor rate.

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Tim's prices [] and his service our both dynamite. Here's some things to consider:

** Can use Tim's prices to negotiate better deal from dealer. Now that I have said that, I wouldn't waste my energy arguing with a dealer, I'd just buy from Tim.

** Can always buy from Tim and you install some and have dealer install what you are not comfortable doing. Dealer pricing can be BRUTAL. An example was $30+ to install "wheel locks". Heck, that is remove 4 lug bolts and replace with 4 locking lug bolts. Not exactly rocket science, took me less than 10 minutes total [actually, think it was closer to 5]. Another example was $50+ to install rear mud flaps [3 screws per side, 5 minutes each, took me longer to open package, inspect contents and find a screwdriver than it did to
do the install!!].

** One downside of the above is that "dealer installed accessories, done at time of purchase get full new vehicle warranty". Accessories done later or by owner only have 1 year warranty. To me, this is no big deal. I could buy everything twice with the money I saved by buying from Tim.

** Another downside is that accessories purchased from dealer can be included in financing if you want. For me, this was not an issue, but wanted to mention this 'cause I am trying to be objective.

Enjoy ...

PS - You might actually gain satisfaction from doing this yourself, sort of promotes bonding with the new family member.

PSS - Honda's installation instructions are extremely comprehensive, easy to follow, etc. I recently put chome exhaust tips on our Accord V6. Honda provided a FULL 8.5X11 PAGE of instructions for a process that I would have stated as "slip crome tip over exhaust pipe with bolt facing down, tighten bolt, you are done, enjoy".
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