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Hello Everyone, not very good with cars, I have a question about my 2007 Honda Pilot keys let me tell you the story first:

So when we got it from the dealer they gave us the key #1 with remote, key # 2 with remote and key # 3 (gray one with no buttons).

Years ago I took it a mechanic with key #3 (gray one) and while working on the car, the guy lost key # 3 (gray one) so he got a new key ( key #4 with remote) and he asked me for the other keys to have them programmed as well. I only had key #1 available, key #2 was with my wife 30 miles away, so the mechanic took new key #4 and Key #1 and went somewhere to have both keys programmed to truck.

When I took key # 2 to him, he said it was too late because the dealer will charge him again, and he refused.

I still have Key # 2, it unlocks the car door manually, I do not know if the remote control works or not because the battery is depleted.
I have seen many videos in how to program the remote, but the key would not start the car, (it just cranks but does not start).

My question is:
is there any way I can program key #2 again without having to go to a shop or dealer so I can have 3 keys again? is there any difference between programming the remote and making the actual physical key work in the ignition?
if there is no way around it I would have to take it to the dealer but I just want to make sure it's not something that can be achieved but turning the key a few times and pushing some buttons in the remote, it would really suck to have to pay like 80 dollars just for pushing buttons

any help or
guidance will be greatly appreciated

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He mistakenly had the Locksmith do an ALL KEYS LOST Programming, while your wife had Key#2

You need a key programmer, or, a locksmith that programs Immobilizer keys.. around me they charge $35 to $65 to PROGRAM the immobilizer key -
FOB programming you can do yourself with the help of youtube

tell the locksmith to ADD KEY , carry a working key plus Key#2
tell the locksmith to "ADD" key#2

did i say "ADD" ?

Your Honda dealer might program your key for free, depending on your relationship with them, or they can charge you up-to $120 .....

the battery for the remote costs about $2 ......

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^^^ What he said to program the immobilzer chip for key #2 to start your Pilot.

For key #2 to lock/unlock your doors, first get a new CD1616 battery, then reprogram all your fobs together like in this youTube how-to video, and now they should work fine.

Have all remotes for the vehicle on hand. Make sure all the doors and rear hatch/trunk are closed during programming. Only need to use 1 remote to get into program mode but all remotes must be programmed during the same session. Each step must be completed within 5 seconds.

1. Sit in the car with all doors/trunk tightly closed

2. Turn the key to the ON position, marked by "II" on the ignition bezel so the dash lights come on, then within 5 seconds press the "Lock" button on the remote for 1 second or so and release the button.

3. Turn the key to the OFF position, marked by "I" on the ignition bezel - dash lights go off.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 three more times (A total of 4 times) -- each step must be done within 5 seconds of the previous step.

5. Upon the 4th turning of the key to "ON", press the lock button on one remote, the locks will make a cycling sound (clunk), locks will NOT lock or unlock at this point, they will just make a noise. The system is now in programming mode. Do not turn key off.

6. Within 5 seconds of entering programming mode and within 5 seconds of each other, press the lock button ON EACH remote you are programming, for a second or so and release. This step needs to be completed within 10 seconds. Each time a remote button is pushed, the locks should cycle. Up to 3 remotes can be programmed.

7. Turn ignition completely off and remove the key. Step out of car and close door. The remotes should be programmed and should work. If you have a trunk/hatch release, the button for this feature needs to be held for a few seconds before the trunk/hatch will "pop".

Keep trying, it eventually does work, if your fobs are good. In the end, what finally worked for me when using the method that goes from II to 0 didn't work: Going from II to I is what did it for me.

Might want to take the opportunity to go for a flip key while you're at it.

Key fob replacement

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Here's an interesting 'work around'!
I'm not doing it or advocating it, but it there LOL

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