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Post if you have 100k+ miles on your Pilot!

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Yup, I'm nearing 100k miles. Probably hit it on my way home from work. The Pilot still runs like a new car. I'm proud to say with 100k miles I've only had one problem requiring a trip to the dealership. At 80k the driver's power window motor went out. Other then that, this things just keeps on going and going and going. I just recently had a new set of tires put on and new brakes.

Now everytime I bring it to the dealer for a regular oil change they keep trying to sell me all other sorts of preventative services. What general preventative maintenance would you reccomend so I can keep this rig running for another 100k? On the flipside what things would you just leave alone and let the thing break down before doing anything?
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127,000. OKC to Chicago several times. Also, to Georgia and NC a couple of times. A few minor problems, but still love it. Trying to get it to 200,000.
Just rolled into 6 digits over the weekend. Working on 200k+

No major issues. Matt
I have 187,000 on my 03. And, we're still in love!
Our 2003 rolled over 100k on the return trip from Yellowstone NP back home in Chicagoland.

It continues to be a great hauler of people and things.

Timing belt and water pump to be done sometime in Sept.
Hi, just found this thread. Been lurking on and off the last few years. I used to check this site out quite often when I first got my 03 Pilot back in the summer of 02.

Anyhoo, I have something like 201K KM on my Pilot, which I think comes out to somewhere around 125K miles. :D

I can't say that it's been an all happy 125K miles though. I have had some issues with this car, despite having followed the severe maintenance schedule religiously. Even told myself sometimes that I'd never, ever get another Honda. :mad:

But I think I just ended up with that one in a few hundred or whatever bad Honda that rolls off the assembly line.

But it's been paid for since a couple of years after I got it and didn't want to trade it in for something else only to finance again. A few hundred dollar repair bill here and there is still alot better than the monthly hundreds of dollar payments :D

The funny thing is, I still plan on keeping this car forever. Even if I get a new car for myself, I still plan on keeping it. There really is nothing out there in its class that can beat the Pilot for its room and width. Sure comes in handy in those trips to Home Depot.
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Have over 127,000 miles (208,000 km). Still going strong. Very Happy here.

Will have to look at changing the shocks and spark plugs. I am sure they are over due.

Good to see some the "old" members post.
I have over 112K miles & just got back from Denver to visit some relatives.
102,000 miles and counting on my 2004. Getting close to timing belt time. Not sure if I will tackle this one myself (only timing belt I have ever changed was on a 91 VW turbo diesel).
154,000 miles and running

We have 154,000 miles on our 2003 Pilot. Here are the problems we have had - SRS module - just replaced. $500.00 - The 'D" was flashing this weekend, we took it to the dealer and they replaced a gear - $190.00.

Just replaced all 4 tires and brakes front and back. Also we put in a new battery.

We are hoping to get 300,000 miles.

I have 126,000 on my '04 now. Still running OEM rear pads and changing the 5w30w syn blend every 10k. I will continue until my oil report comes back saying otherwise. Beside the shocks getting week the transmission is getting a bit sloppy. Or maybe the new hearing aids are revealing things I couldn't hear before.
Just bought a 03 with 120 K miles. (193 300 km). AC not working, needs leak repaired and recharge. Got it for a great price $8200 CAD. as is. It needed Nothing for a safety. It got 28 MPG (a 4.5 L imperial gallon) on a highway trip this weekend. My wife is very happy with her "New" vehicle. Very smooth running engine, nice attention to detail in the design, tight ride, clean, and great braking. Great to be back with Honda.

Planning to replace the timing belt, and waterpump as no maintenance records show it being done yet.
Finally hit 100K

I told myself I'd get a picture right when it turned, but missed it by 11 miles...


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100 k plus

I have 135,000. Running great. Regular oil changes and tire rotations. No mechanical failures to date.
128,000+ on my 2005 EX-L Navi. Besides a dumb accident, I really haven't had any problems. I take that back -- the Nav system is flaky -- about once a month it takes it 10 or 15 minutes to lock in on the satellites.

I'm not a big believer in dealer service; I change the oil every 20K or so (Mobil 1 ever since new) and the other fluids when I realize it's way overdue.

2005 Honda Pilot, 128,000mi
2001 BMW 325XiT, 178,000mi
1990 BMW 325Ic, 260,000mi
102K runs great. Had an issue early on with the OPD sensor I believe. Dealer changed it at no cost to me. IAC Valve acted up the other day but, now that is fixed. Running on the 2nd set of tires right now with what looks to be at least another 30K of tread (changed out the factory set around 80K). Michelin although I wanted Yokahama.

Do my own fluid changes. Get my filters from a honda dealership out in California. Found a Honda Dealership here in Columbia now that will match most of their internet prices or come in pretty darn close.

Learned how to order other parts from Honda directly and ship them to the dealer and not pay an dealer mark-up.

I do miss Koons Honda in Manassas VA where "shadowfax" (wife named the damn thing) was purchased. The dealership down here has good customer service but, not the great service I used to get up there.

Honda builds great cars. I still have a 93 Civic that if I can get around to replacing the engine seals will still run like a champ.. My mistake in not changing the oil regularly on that one.
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03 Pilot EX-L with 184k and counting. no issues until this week. Check engine light just came on obd2 code 0420. Hopefully I can get it repaired before the drive back down south.
2004 Pilot EX 130,000 miles. Runs Great,
Very few problems compared with other vehicles I have owned.
1. Front Motor mount replaced.
2. Broken power steering belt shortly after changing all belts.
3. Slight trans fluid leak / replaced a gasket to remedy
4. Had the flashing D on my drive train while on a short trip to the grocery.
The blinking D went out the next day so i went to have my trans fluid changed and I haven't seen it flash again.... Knock on wood... Knock, Knock, knock.

That's all I can recall....

This sight has really help me recognize and give me DIY solutions. is great...
On my to-do maintenance list;
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i hit 100020 the other day and i missed the mark from from 99999 to 100000! :mad:

anyways, is there any maintenance that i should be doing?
im not sure if any of the fluids have been changed, but i do remember that i took it to the dealership a while back, maybe 80k miles? for a major tuneup?
im not sure.
Just rolled over 105,000. Had all belts including timing, water pump, and coolant changed recently. Seems to continue to run well so I'm hoping for 200k...
196,000 miles and doing well on our '03. Had an issue with dead battery and no a/c this fall which turned out to be a failed A/C switch. I just put on our 4th set of tires. Only 2 sets of brakes. Drivers door power lock failed at about 150K.
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