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Post if you have 100k+ miles on your Pilot!

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Yup, I'm nearing 100k miles. Probably hit it on my way home from work. The Pilot still runs like a new car. I'm proud to say with 100k miles I've only had one problem requiring a trip to the dealership. At 80k the driver's power window motor went out. Other then that, this things just keeps on going and going and going. I just recently had a new set of tires put on and new brakes.

Now everytime I bring it to the dealer for a regular oil change they keep trying to sell me all other sorts of preventative services. What general preventative maintenance would you reccomend so I can keep this rig running for another 100k? On the flipside what things would you just leave alone and let the thing break down before doing anything?
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Our 2003 rolled over 100k on the return trip from Yellowstone NP back home in Chicagoland.

It continues to be a great hauler of people and things.

Timing belt and water pump to be done sometime in Sept.
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