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Post if you have 100k+ miles on your Pilot!

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Yup, I'm nearing 100k miles. Probably hit it on my way home from work. The Pilot still runs like a new car. I'm proud to say with 100k miles I've only had one problem requiring a trip to the dealership. At 80k the driver's power window motor went out. Other then that, this things just keeps on going and going and going. I just recently had a new set of tires put on and new brakes.

Now everytime I bring it to the dealer for a regular oil change they keep trying to sell me all other sorts of preventative services. What general preventative maintenance would you reccomend so I can keep this rig running for another 100k? On the flipside what things would you just leave alone and let the thing break down before doing anything?
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102K runs great. Had an issue early on with the OPD sensor I believe. Dealer changed it at no cost to me. IAC Valve acted up the other day but, now that is fixed. Running on the 2nd set of tires right now with what looks to be at least another 30K of tread (changed out the factory set around 80K). Michelin although I wanted Yokahama.

Do my own fluid changes. Get my filters from a honda dealership out in California. Found a Honda Dealership here in Columbia now that will match most of their internet prices or come in pretty darn close.

Learned how to order other parts from Honda directly and ship them to the dealer and not pay an dealer mark-up.

I do miss Koons Honda in Manassas VA where "shadowfax" (wife named the damn thing) was purchased. The dealership down here has good customer service but, not the great service I used to get up there.

Honda builds great cars. I still have a 93 Civic that if I can get around to replacing the engine seals will still run like a champ.. My mistake in not changing the oil regularly on that one.
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132K and running strong.. Other than the IAC which comes up every now and then (I just need to get around to replacing it) and now the A/C (probably need to recharge) I love my Pilot.
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