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Should we do something to Honda about this or not?

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I just bought my 22 special edition after few weeks i find out fully rust on the both wheel arm. I brought to the dealer they said manufacture won't do anything. So my question is what is the expectation for the long run?
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That鈥檚 a big chunk of raw steel with active surface rust that will probably outlast the vehicle. It鈥檚 unsightly for a new vehicle but there are limited options. Replacement LCAs for my Pilot are painted but the finish will not last long in my area. Composite material Gun accessory Auto part Gun barrel Metal
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Normal. Go to post #39 to see how you can make it look better. Did this in 2019, no new rust.


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It doesn't look great but it's not an issue as far as longevity is concerned. Not uncommon either to have uncoated suspension components. It all really depends on the level of work you want to do to change it. You could just paint on POR-15 for the least amount of work. Wire wheel to take off rust and then paint with a suspension (high chip resistance) paint. Or realize eventually the bushings and ball joint will wear and you'll be replacing the lower control arms anyway. Personally, I did the last option with my 2006.
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