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If anyone is interested in getting a Pilot immediately, I just got a call from Pittsburg Honda in CA, who said they had 3 available. I had checked with them before I bought mine at Merced Honda and they had said they would sell it about 1.5k above MSRP so didn't bother with them. But this morning got a call and said they would be willing to deal it at MSRP with the only forced option of Running Boards. Hopefully they wouldn't charge 2k for MSRP !!! You never know ;)

I have no idea how honest or reliable these guys are, (especially since I didn't buy mine from there) but just wanted to pass along this info to other members if interested. If you want you can mention my name (Vivek) to Myles at Pittsburg Honda.

I think he said that they had a Black EX-L and a Silver EX-L with RES and Red EX-L with RES.
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