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Just got my 2004 pilot with Navi the other day and have noticed a few things which may need some clarification:

Reading over the "quick-start" guide (I usually don't read anything to start with) I've notice a paragraph on the power mirror controls. It says that on "touring models", the power mirrors will angle down to the floor when you have the car in reverse (possibly to assist in parking the pilot). I don't think mine does that even though I may have the top of the line pilot with everything included. Could this be a typo that they left out when they modified the MDX brochure?

Also on the climate control system, if you turn the A/C off and left the temp on cold (extreme left on the knob), the vents are still blowing out warm air when the weather outside is about 70s. Is the pilot really running that hot that the intake is feeding in some of the hot air? I'm thinking to gain some mileage by leaving the A/C off for the most part since the miles per gallon number is not great.

Just a few general comments on the new Pilot:

If anybody wants to know about the DVD version of the Navi, please let me know and I'll try to post a screen shot. As everybody knows, the new pilot does not have the new Navi as the Accords.

Sagging on the leather seats are quite noticeable in my pilot.

Really hate the ugly red on green display of the instrument panel. It makes the pilot look cheap, at least when it comes to the instrumentation.

The fit and finish of the interior and exterior is not Honda-like. Having owned about 4 Accords in the past (1982, 1988, 1992, 1998), the plastic interior and exterior parts just don't come together as smoothly. You can feel a lip/edge between 2 pieces that are suppose to join together. Maybe I'm being a little too picky?


2004 Honda pilot Sagebrush pearl with Navi.
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