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Pilot vs MDX

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Well, I figured I'd get things started since I figure a bunch of folks might be trying to understand the difference between the Pilot and its "big brother" the Acura MDX. I've shamelessly taken them from a great series of posts by wmquan over on Perhaps our generous host can help w/fixing the table formatting w/all the blanks @ the top. I can't figure that part out :8:
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Width between wheel wells

Can we add a stat to that chart? In the way of ulitility- the Pilot will accommodate 4x sheet goods flat on the floor between the wheel wells. The MDX will not. It's about an inch shy. This combined with a Hitch Hand (hitch mounted accessory that supports long material) makes for pickup truck level of utility. (almost)
This was a consideration for me since I'm always doing something to the house...:25:
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