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Pilot vs MDX

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Well, I figured I'd get things started since I figure a bunch of folks might be trying to understand the difference between the Pilot and its "big brother" the Acura MDX. I've shamelessly taken them from a great series of posts by wmquan over on Perhaps our generous host can help w/fixing the table formatting w/all the blanks @ the top. I can't figure that part out :8:
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We just got our Pilot on Thursday and it's alot more than expected! My dad's got an MD-X and the Pilot's suspension is definately a little softer but it corners just as well! It is a lot less choppy over the bumps and is extremely quiet.
As for styling, the Pilot interior is quity comfortable and when the woodgrain kits get to the dealer, the interior should be as nice as the MD-X. The green gauges are really easy on the eyes at night
Even without a Sunroof or chrome door handles and trim the Pilot is way more bang for the buck!
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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