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Pilot vs MDX

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Well, I figured I'd get things started since I figure a bunch of folks might be trying to understand the difference between the Pilot and its "big brother" the Acura MDX. I've shamelessly taken them from a great series of posts by wmquan over on Perhaps our generous host can help w/fixing the table formatting w/all the blanks @ the top. I can't figure that part out :8:
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Good numbers, but the MDX is no faster than the PILOT. Read the Pilot reviews in C&D and MT June issues with the 8.1 & 8.19 numbers, but they had similar numbers for the MDX when MDX was introduced.

Consumer Reports which tests acceleration from an idle (no power-braking) recorded 8.0 sec 0-60 for MDX. which is consistent with MW 7.7 sec.

If CR can do 8.0, then C&D and MT are sandbagging numbers for MDX. They are doing the same for the Pilot.

Bottom line; MDX & Pilot have similar acceleration numbers - probably the 7.7 numbers from MW.
Motor Week Pilot Numbers from Program #2143

Here's link to MW review and numbers to add to your spreadsheet. 0-60 in 7.8......probably with regular gas....:cool: !!!
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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