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Pilot vs MDX

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Well, I figured I'd get things started since I figure a bunch of folks might be trying to understand the difference between the Pilot and its "big brother" the Acura MDX. I've shamelessly taken them from a great series of posts by wmquan over on Perhaps our generous host can help w/fixing the table formatting w/all the blanks @ the top. I can't figure that part out :8:
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In many forums there is ongoing chat about the MDX vs. the Pilot. One isn't necessarily better than the other, it's just that now we have more of a choice - it's like saying what's better, chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Since they are made on the same assembly plant and share the same drivetrain, the overall quality/reliability and basic performance will be similar. Variations from vehicle to vehicle and in the test tracks probably account for the small differences in 0-60 times.

To me, the main differences when comparing an EX-L to a MDX premium are....

MDX has more fashionable style, Pilot is more utilitarian
MDX Is a bit more luxurious inside, the Pilot isn't too bad, either.
MDX may corner better, Pilot should ride a little better.
MDX is roomy, the Pilot is slightly roomier.
MDX offers extra features (sunroof, 17" wheels, etc.), Pilot is less money.
MDX options seem more geared to "professional" couples, Pilot seems more geared to families with children.

So one is not "better" than the other, it's just different. Like most of you, I’ve been curious what changes Honda made when designing the Pilot that distinguishes it from the MDX. My neighbor has an MDX. When my Pilot arrives, I’ll certainly compare it, inside, outside, top, and bottom, to see how they differ (I bet the underbody is identical, so the trailer hitch should be the same).

I was ready to buy an MDX Touring, but when the Pilot came out, I switched to an EX-L RES. I have no regrets, but I would also have no regrets if I had bought the MDX! Either way, you are getting a great vehicle. :29:

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If the Pilot is thousands above MSRP and the MDX is selling at MSRP, then the choice to get the MDX gets that much stronger. My decision was based on me being able to get either vehicle at MSRP, which means the Touring MDX would cost $5300 more than the EX-L RES. While there are Honda dealers who are certainly selling way over MSRP, there are still Acura dealers that are doing the same for the MDX.

There are at least 3 Honda dealers in NM that are asking straight MSRP. The one Acura dealer in this state is also selling at MSRP, so my decision was easier.

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