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The video is incorrect about the AWD system in late model CR-Vs being purely reactive.
The Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System, introduced with the 2017 CR-V, can send power to the rear wheels proactively when accelerating and climbing hills and can actively redistribute torque between front and rear wheels as the CR-V goes through a turn.
You are correct Honda has significantly improved the Real-Time AWD system on the HR-V and CR-V in the latest generation. This video makes it very crystal clear there’s a difference between what CR-V’s used to have and what is currently offered:

But it still not as functional, dynamic and advanced as what is offered in i-VTM4 and SH-AWD. After watching what Real-Time AWD does in it’s smaller younger sibling, see tests conducted with i-VTM4 in this video:

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