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2019 Pilot EX-L AWD, 265-60-18 Defender LTX M/S
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@bwk94510 any updates? Just the 3 original posts and nothing else? Do you need a 3rd row SUV? Better choices with more clearance and off road ability if just 2 row. Also consider maintenance down there. Will you fix or do regular maintenance? trusted mechanic or dealer? Fuel costs? Maybe a diesel option in other areas like Cabo that are not available in USA.

I use Michelin Defender LTX M/S in 265-60-18 on my '19 EX-L. Great for highway, rain, quiet. My wife and daughter take it on the beach, I take it to hunting cabin through light mud, ruts, gravel. My J-Sport skid plate has some good scratches in it from the trips. I have Staun Deflators that take tires down to about 18psi. They are real easy. I have a Viair 88P portable compressor that works well. It clamps on to battery posts not into power outlet. I did a ground mod to give me a better ground point. Search ground bolt mod for the easy one bolt add on.

I have no experience on the 2nd gen. For the 3rd gen get EX or higher so you have the transmission mode button for Sand Mode. Myself I would have preferred an EX over my EX-L for the cloth seats and no sunroof. We don't use it, hate the glare, more possible issues. Wife wanted power passenger seat, Honda makes that only available on higher trims. Black leather in summer has serious disadvantages of burning skin, sliding etc. easier to clean yes but I still prefer cloth.

They always carry the recovery bag with extra recovery straps, shackles, gloves and we have some boards and better jack. Good collapsible shovel is always in truck as well as some recovery gear. Be prepared and hopefully you wont need it.
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