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I finally got a production date on my Sandstone EX - end of August for delivery. Since I'm going to be waiting a while longer (placed order in May), I was considering upgrading to the EX-RES in Sandstone since they have one coming in at the same time as my originally ordered vehicle.

My wife also likes the Starlight Silver, and they have an EX, EX-L and EX-RES also coming in at the same time. At this time none of them are spoken for, so we have an opportunity to change.

Has anyone had the wood trim installed in their Pilot and have any good digital photos of how it looks? All of the pictures I have seen show very little of it.

I installed the wood trim audio piece in my '98 Accord V6, and it was no problem, but the dealer installed cost isn't much more than I would pay anyway, so I'm going to just let them install it.

Since the Silver and Sandstone have different color interiors, that might play into our color decision. I've seen the accessory pictures of the wood trim in the gray interior (Starlight Silver), but I've only seen MDX pictures of wood trim on the saddle interior (Sandstone). I'm thinking that the wood trim might look a little more luxurious on the saddle rather than the gray interior. Also any thoughts on if the wood trim looks better with the cloth or leather interior?

Anyone have any opinions? I'd appreciate any pictures of the interior wood trim, dash wood trim and RES wood trim in either the saddle or gray interior (cloth or leather).

Thanks in advance! Can hardly wait for mine to arrive...

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Kit_C said:
I hate to be a naysayer, but I dislike the look of the plood (plastic wood) that Honda uses on their vehicles. I think it looks shiny, fake, and cheap.

I really like the stock saddle interior.

I disagree, the wood trim bring the looks and feel of the interior to another level. :eek: it looks nicer with the trim. I have it in my Sivler Pilot. And it does not look cheap at all . A matter of Fact I think it just the opposite.

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good look

I saw it with the Red demo Pilot in the dealer show room.

It looks great. At first I thought it comes with like the MDX.
But look at the window sticker, it cost close to Cad$1000, then I passed.

If it is a lot cheaper (like $200), or comes with EX model then, I will go for it.

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Prices for Wood Trim

If you have an LX, EX or EX-L the total price is only $319.20:

Wood Dash Trim Kit - $128.40

Wood Interior Trim Kit - $190.80

If you have an EX-RES the total price is $375.60:

Wood RES Trim Kit - $56.40

If you have an EX-NAVI the total price is $356.40:

Wood NAVI Trim Kit - $37.20

You can also add the following two pieces. In my opinion, they're both nice pieces, but way too overpriced for what you get.

Wood Select Lever - $92.40

Wood Steering Wheel - $396.00

The installation is pretty straight forward. I installed the audio wood trim piece on my '98 Accord EX-V6, and all that is really required is a steady hand.

The prices that I quoted are from, and I also provided installation instructions from

Good luck! Only 48 days left - almost 47!

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Black Wood

Personally, I like the glossy finish of the wood trim, but I'm not crazy about the combination of Grey interior with Brown wood.

HOWEVER, a buddy of mine drives an the AMG version of the Mercedes-Ute and it has black walnut wood trim. It looks awesome!

I've seen some pretty good aftermarket packages - with often more coverage than manufacturer's version.

Here's just one link of many that are out there that show the different colours available.....

Of the sites I've visited, I haven't seen anything available for the Pilot yet, but I'm sure they'll be hitting soon.
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