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Ok, so I didn't want the vehicle to break down on the wife while I was deployed, and had the dealer do the entire timing belt kit (waterpump, etc) replacement in December 2016. Our 2009 Pilot Touring had ~99,000 miles on it. I was not aware of the VCM lawsuit, and I don't think we were ever notified.
Now, last week I noticed a clicking noise from the engine and doing some great Google research, I found out the timing belt tensioner pulley may have had an issue. So I take it to the dealer (now with ~121K) and they tell me everything checks out with the timing belt, tensioner, etc.,but the mechanic hears noise from the valve area. I tell them to pull the covers, because we are going on a cross country move this summer.
When they bring me out to the vehicle to show me the beginning of pitting on both cams (CY 2 and CY6) and come back with a $1800 price tag, I tell them to forget it, and put new valve cover gaskets on it and seal it back up. I did some quick look-ups before heading back and see the PCV valve may also be why cylinder bank 2,4,6 looked completely varnished and bank 1,3,5 looks brand new.
Once they get everything put back together, both the wife and I notice the vehicle has way more HP and does not seem sluggish any longer, but the dealer 1) never recommended to change it and 2) no codes were showing. Still hear slight clicking from the engine, but no impacting anything.
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