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Hi, hoping someone can help me confirm suspicions that my Passenger Side Multiplex needs to be replaced. My vehicle is a 2007 Honda Pilot LX 2WD.

I'll outline below what functions stopped working:
  • Interior lights do not turn on when doors are opened, or when buttons are depressed or when switch to the left of the steering wheel is flipped to the on position
  • Power locks stopped working (though, there is a faint clicking sound at the passenger side fuse box when lock or unlock is pressed from either driver or passenger doors)
  • Driver window controls can only control driver window, but not any of the passenger windows. Passenger windows can be controlled from their respective doors
  • Aftermarket radio face no longer works (confirmed that radio is getting 12v to it)
  • Accessory socket no longer works
I've checked fuses at all 4 locations (2 boxes under the hood, driver side fuse box, passenger side fuse box). All fuses are in good shape. However, fuses at locations 9 through 18 on the passenger side fuse box do not get any voltage.

Any suggestions on what further troubleshooting I can perform?
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