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All other speakers work: the front driver side, the back etc.
It's not the equalizer, if I play with the centering/balance the speaker is mute.

A 2011 EX.

What would be the best course of action? Start with removing the passenger door panel
and check the speaker and the wires?

Not sure how the connection to the amplifier is setup, but assuming that if all other speakers
work, the issue is most likely the wiring to the speaker, the connection of wires to speaker, or the speaker itself?
Or is there a separate connector to the amplifier for each speaker, which I doubt?


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Front speakers are connected in parallel with dash tweeters. So if something went wrong with tweeter (shorted) it could affect speaker. Pop out the passenger side dash tweeter and disconnect it. Try running the car and checking if speaker now works. For now, leave the tweeter disconnected.

Get the door panel off, unscrew the speaker, disconnect and take it out. Then test the speaker itself.

A good tool to have for any kind of such work:

Alternative - stick a pair of thin nails or paperclips into the speaker connector, and then try touching those nails to a 9V battery terminals. Speaker should make popping sounds, and you should see its center coil extend/retract. If that is happening, speaker is most likely fine. If you got a multimeter, you can just try measuring resistance across the speaker.

If speaker checks out, then you need to pull the head unit. You are interested in the connector 'A' (24p, leftmost if looking at back of unit.)
Looking at this connector from the wire side, with retaining clip facing up, two wires (pins 18 and 19) in the middle of bottom row are the ones going to the problem speaker. In the door, use something like a paperclip to short the speaker connector contacts. Then measure continuity across those pins 18 and 19. OR, you can reconnect the speaker to its connector and do the 9V battery trick on the pins 18/19. This should tell you if the wires are fine.

If the speaker is good and wires are fine, then I am afraid the problem lies with the head unit.
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