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Here is a tip I found online on how to remove the parking brake cable from the brake assembly. I needed to do this when replacing the rear knuckle on my 2005 Pilot EX-L due to a lower shock mount failure.
Attached are some photos showing cable attachment mechanism. (This sample has already been cut and removed.
Photo 1 shows the spring fingers that hold the cable sheath on the parking brake assembly. There are 6 of these and all need to be compressed simultaneously to remove the cable.
Photo 2 shows the method recommended in the service manual, a 12mm box wrench (they say to use an offset wrench). I found it very difficult to slide the wrench over the retainer and once it was on, the wrench would slide off as I tried prying the cable out of the mounting plate hole.
Photo 3 show a much easier method. Just open up a small (5/16 here) hose clamp, wrap it around the cable, slide it all the way up to the end of the fingers and tighten. Using a nut driver is easier than a screwdriver. Pry the other end out of the parking brake housing using a long screwdriver. You can adjust the clamp tightness as you pry to get just the right amount of tension to compress the spring fingers and still allow the cable to be removed.
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