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P3400 and oil sludge

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Hi all, I've had my 2014 Pilot EX 4WD since new, and it has about 95k miles now. I just had a P3400 error, so I replaced the rear oil pressure switch. This did not solve the issue though. At the last oil change, there was some off-white sludge on the oil cap. I'm sure this is due to all the short trip driving I've been doing, and it's really cold here in northern Wisconsin. See below for exactly what my cap looked like. Anyway, I think the oil pressure ports are clogged due to this condition. How do I clean those ports? Was going to try an enginer de-sludger. Can i blow air or carb cleaner in that oil pressure switch port?

Yellow gunk under oil cap — Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice
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I wouldn't worry about that gunk on the oil cap unless it's showing up in the oil on your dipstick as well. I do not think it's related to the code.

I'd listen to NG as well as strongly recommend you kill VCM if you haven't just cause it's a terrible technology that everyone should get rid of if they care about their engine.
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