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In reading a few different forums, I find some have brought to light information regarding everything from the weed in the "not and ashtray" ashtray to a scrunchy sound drivers door. I do believe every post has merit. What I have grown tired of is replies to post that get down right nit-picking and leading would be owners to believe the Pilot is plagued with rattles and what not. Maybe we should put into perspective the minor inconveniences of our Pilots with the past vehicles we have had experiences with.

I had a '94 Ford Probe SE that I took a huge hit on becuase of a Mazda transmission that would cost more then I wanted to spend just to figure out. You want to talk rattles, that thing rattled more then my son's old baby rattle. Nothing I believed on that car fit properly. My '99 Explorer Sport deserves a forum all its own. After the stereo, the seat track, and the alternator, I won't even begin with the whole tire epidemic. Can only be glad it was a lease, I let the bank take the hit on that one.

Just for the record, beside the second row release cable I have the Honda tech line looking into, I have had no problems to date. As I have said before, the wife and I are still fighting over driving rights.

So just like your new car stories, your cell phone stories, and everything else, lets hear you compare your new Pilot to past vehicles.
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