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First, let me praise Holler Honda in Winter Park for the best car buying experience I have ever had. We visited 3 different dealerships in Orlando while Pilot Shopping and my experiences are below...

First, we went to Classic Honda on West Hwy 50. Last year we had purchased an Insight there. They were very friendly but did not have any Nav pilots in stock.

We went to Coggin Honda on South OBT and they did have a green nav Pilot we test drove. We negotiated a price although we wanted a red one. When my wife went back later they really ticked her off so she walked out. (I will have to get her to post why).

That evening, we went to Classic again and they had a Silver Nav scheduled to come in in a week or so. We put a deposit on it.

That weekend we happened to be in Winter Park (20 miles from my house) and stopped by Holler Honda. I am a member of an orginazation that has Star Wars Imperial costumes and does charity events and hospital visits ( and had a shirt on from the event the day before. The Salesman (Nick) came out and his first words were "I love Star Wars". We happen to have a mutual friend and hit it off. We told him we had a deposit on a Silver one at Classic but wanted a red one. He checks and had a Red with Nav scheduled for 2 week delivery. They came up with a price $1000 higher than Classic but matched, then beat it when I gave them Classic's price. We left a deposit.

We went back to Classic and picked up our check. Keep in mind, we already bought an Insight there and like the people but after my wife picked up the check, she got the total cold shoulder treatment. They wouldn't even walk her to her can with an umbrella when it was raining dispite having 2 prople standing at the door with umbrellas doing nothing. While our former experience was good there, their attitude has cost them any future business or referrals from us.

Holler was a pleasure to work with and they gave us a loaner car while our Pilot was in having the accessories installed. Being the first Nav and Rear Camera they dealt with, I had to demo it to the sales staff when I picked it up. They are even going to detail our land Cruiser before we turn it in (Lease) in 2 weeks.

I highly recommend Holler Honda and our salesperson Nick. Thanks Guys! You offer what buying a car SHOULD be like.
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