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Ordered my Black EX-L from a Connecticut
dealer end of last month (May) for
_supposedly_ beginning of August'ish
delivery. My wife called the salesperson
to check on paperwork and now the
salesperson says it was really entered
as a 2004 allotment arriving Sept 1.

Question: Are the 2004's going to be here in Sept?

Question: Salesperson says she will try to
find one 2003 in the area sooner by calling
around and arranging a trade with another dealer.
Am I nuts here? Why would a dealer want to
trade a model for another model? She says
she needs to check every 3 days since
new allotments are coming in all over.
Feel like I am getting a runaround.

Question: Should I check around the in
nearby states for other dealers I might get one
sooner from?

Only saving grace is I did get $700 of MSRP.

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If you can get a 2004, is better for your money! But again, a 2003 can have the right price too! Shop should get a good discount for a 2003.

I heard the 2004 should be out in August.
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