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One week into ownership, some thoughts

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One week and 250 miles into ownership of my Elite, here are my thoughts. For reference, my comparisons are to a 2010 Ford Flex which I still have.

Knock on wood, I haven't suffered any abnormalities yet, no SRS issues, no paint issues, no side mirror issues, no leaking or creaking roof issues, both puddle lights still work, all cameras work, get normal FM radio reception, crossing both fingers and toes.

The computer is still learning my driving habits as it's not entirely smooth at takeoff yet, but I experienced the same thing with my Flex when I got it and when I replaced the battery. That's a non-issue to me so far. I have noticed it getting smoother everyday so maybe the computer is evolving (like Skynet). It is not as quick as the Flex, but it has 65 less horsepower and much less torque so I will just have to get used to it. It's adequate though. The brakes are way less effective than the Flex, although I had upgraded the Flex brakes to Explorer Police Interceptor parts. I am still getting used to the feel of the seats. I always thought the Flex seats were some of the most comfortable seats to sit in while driving.

There are a lot of electronics I have to learn to use. My personal phone is android-based while my work phone is an Apple, so it messes me up sometimes when I'm thinking Android Auto but it's Apple Carplay. I can't wait to start deleting apps and stuff I'll never use. The best part about this Pilot is the separate audio on/off and volume button. It doesn't bother me at all that it "only" has a 9" screen, I usually look out the windshield when driving anyway.

The next test is to see how well it tows my 2 PWC's and double trailer. With both of them full of gas and lines and straps, it'll scale at about 2200 lbs. The Flex handled it effortlessly, so I'm expecting that I may notice it occasionally with less power and torque.

Overall it's a very nice ride, quiet, smooth, and comfortable. I'm looking forward to when the aftermarket catches up and starts offering replacement parts. I think the first thing to go will be the factory brakes.
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Funny you mention that Android/Apple connection. My phone is Android and my wife has Apple. I am programmed to key fob 1 and I still haven't figured out how to make my Android the priority when Key Fob 1 is in use. We both plug in to USB while driving for charging and most of the time her phone gets the Apple Car Play connection instead of my Android Auto. Slightly annoying as I know the family really looks forward to my 90s 2000's pop rock playlist on spotify :LOL:
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