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Here goes nothing lot of questions that I havent not found except newest in market (RUTHENIUM HX ) spark plugs
because there are so many spark plugs out there
now this NGK has come out and not alot reviews of this spark plug raise to top in market of NGK ruthenium hx has come above long lasting on all platforms been in comes this Ruthhenium ultra high ignitability spark plug ..... I'm so far happy, feel the different , more power
maybe Im dreaming i do feel the difference in driving and responding time is punch gas it response better more fuel into spark
Is Ruthenium HX I installed the underdog spark plug one better then other really it your choice save money or one keep spending be cheap there lot of reason
ruthenium the new underdog spark plug for future plug that best fits and by far my money spent 10 to 15 dollars
4 @ total 50 bucks no more or 100 dollar extreme spark plug and maybe ??? makes the engine ,fuel injectors get better spark , time will tell I've only put Ruthenium hx in a few day ago I driven 500km to see the difference
So far so good feel different for sure Accelerating fast response I'm not getting ping noise that did before that amazing there are key parts because music drowning noise now I hear my baby prrrr with better upgrade gas I've up fuel instead of going cheap gas It dont work going cheap because in end you will have problems that is way bigger when you dont listen to you own vehicle maybe who knows but the one thing I have my mechanics books I read and internet helps too to solve and trouble shoot problem not give my baby what she needs as sports car like friend said to drive it like you stole it and it all of what make the engine work better so research and research more research tI have found OPTION on how DIY since this only happened since car dealership higher prices stuff that you dont need extra stuff and hours labour
I found all my part in middle ground I'm lucky i have friend that is heavy duty mechanics he has help me from even when I was riding my bike around for long time
day one when we meet and boy I'm have blast with my import and will always spent more the i have that not lie
been maintaining what I've done to have reliable car forever
Get RIP off buy mechanics no good feeling and that been going on for decades and lot good mechanics but l will say there lot DIY guy I have respect for DIY mechanics being remained in middle because I dont have thousand dollars to throw around since covid 19 my car and myself have come this far I'm not or giving up , moving forward slow easy that for me will win my race as I will be as one of my favorite youtube guy saids keep on wrenching that all that matters for my life right now in the unknown of the covid 19 raise to top and be true to yourself it always be as when you get kick down you raise above

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You seem happy, and so I'm happy for you. :)

It's just that...


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I put a set of NGK Ruthenium HX spark plugs in a Nissan 5.6 v8 engine that had NGK Laser Iridium plugs as OE. That was only about 20k miles ago. So far so good. The engine is running fine. The question will be longevity over Irridium plugs. From what I understand is Irridium is a more dense metal than Ruthenium.
As far as having a ping noise, this can be a sign of other issues, and upgrading the fuel is not neccesary for a non turbo vehicle designed to run on 87 octane fuel. What is most important is buying a top tier fuel (Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Chevron etc). The fuel additives will help keep the combustion chamber clean, where higher octane fuel can be left unburned and going through your catalytic converters/exhaust. Not sure what year model Pilot you drive, but for a basic tune up, I'd start simple.
No engine light
A clean Air Filter
A clean MAF
No cracks leaks in the intake tube
Spark plugs ✅
Clean PCV
O2 sensors are functioning normally
Clean EGR valve and passages
Top Tier 87 octane fuel
If my vehicle comes equipped with VCM, I disable it.
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