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2017 Honda Pilot EX-L (Taffeta White)
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Hello Piloteers! I just finished up the install of the OEM Honda trailer hitch to my ‘17 Pilot EX-L. I don’t plan on hauling anything, I just wanted it to mount a bike rack. But if I change my mind and I get the Honda ATF cooler and all that comes with the towing package, at least they can’t charge me for this!

Write-up: It is pretty straightforward if you are doing the OEM install. Remove the 2 screws, 2 pop-rivets, and 2 10mm bolts around the edges of the plastic trim cutout where the hitch goes. Next, put the new plastic that comes with the kit in the cut out. Be sure to switch over the ghost-nuts from where the bolts secured to the old piece of plastic. I recommend doing this before the hitch because once the hitch is in place, it is really hard to get all the plastic to snap together and get both the bolts in place to secure them. Third, and I highly recommend utilizing a second person here, lift the hitch in place, maneuvering around the trim cutout, and secure that bad boy before it gets too heavy. I put a bolt in each side and then let my wif—I mean my helper, get out from under the vehicle. Then I put the rest of the bolts in place and tightened them down. That’s pretty much it. I like the OEM look, and how it doesn’t hang down.

I didn’t use an impact or threadlocker since I don’t plan on hauling a trailer. If I do, I will go through and thread locker on all the bolts.
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