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What I hear you say.. Our moderator is going off the reservation? Fear not. It was a rental. But worth sharing a few observations.
Two days ago I picked up a Hertz rental Pathfinder for a one way drive back home to Boston. Similar but with a different flavor of three row family SUV.
3.5 v6, Nissans CVT, SV version. Similar to the Pilot EX.

Praise the Lord XM radio worked. Yesterday I drove 943 miles in it listening to World Cup Soccer, Bruce, 70/80/90/2k. XM plus a diet of caffeine, Gatorade, protein bars, got me home with an adopted dog in 15.5 hours.

Understand that for no apparent reason I’ve always ignored Nissans when shopping for cars. Had that sense there’s something negative about them that i’d dismissed before.

Impressions: I’m a sucker for six cylinder engines. The CVT is way nicer than the one in our CRV. No whiny noisy racket under heavy acceleration. The combination moves the car with authority. It had a transfer box giving you FWD only AWD and AWD locked. No idea what it means to be locked on a Nissan. Apparently they can tow 6k.

Driving position is more truck like than Pilot car like. A real console with two levels. Upper level could hold a thick. Book. The lower level having usbs, aux in and power outlet.
There were four more usbs in the center console. That’s way more than the 16 Pilot I looked at.

Seats were very comfortable.
Thank god. Three rows, second row either folding up to allow access to the third row. Again a big bin behind the third row for more stuff. Trunk is long and deep.

Driving it has a truck like feel to it. Not like a quick handling car. The tires are bigger sidewalls than on a Pilot. They were over pumped at 44psi but the ride was still good. The Pilot is car or minivan like. People have preferences so having a choice is valuable.
25-26 mpg during the drive. Just me some stuff and the dog. Plenty of cup holders in doors and console.
I see why there are so many on the road. At least in New England. I’m sure the Pathfinder and Pilot are cross shopped.
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And also the fact that the pathfinder is a bulldog when it comes to towing .. I use mine just for that purpose ..when it comes to the pilot can't even think of towing what I can with the pathy.. :) Glad you had fun

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I forgot to mention that Nissan’s infotainment system is far more advanced and simpler to learn how to use than my 16crv.

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"In crash testing carried out by the federal government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, both the Pathfinder and the Pilot earned perfect 5-star overall ratings. In crash testing carried out by the nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Pilot earned the firm's Top Safety Pick + score, while the Pathfinder stopped just short at merely Top Safety Pick. The additional + is due to the Pilot's advantages in safety features and technology.

Just what are those advantages? Unfortunately, the Pathfinder falls short in one key area compared to the Pilot and many other midsize SUVs. It doesn't offer several of today's latest safety gadgets, such as forward-collision warning, automatic braking, lane-keep assist or lane-departure warning. The Honda offers all of that and more, also touting the firm's excellent LaneWatch blind spot camera.

As a result, the Pilot has a leg up over the Pathfinder in terms of safety, though we admit that drivers who don't want the latest safety features and gadgets will find that the Pilot and Pathfinder offer roughly the same excellent level of crashworthiness."
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