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The first checklist is more complete and was originally created for a 1st generation, but most items also apply to a 2nd gen. The second checklist is specifically for a 2nd gen.
First-Gen Pilot Buyer's Guide Checklist - The Final Version
Shopping for a First Generation Pilot This is the final version of a checklist that was collaboratively developed to help prospective buyers evaluate first-gen Pilots (2003 - 2008). Many of the most experienced forum participants as of late 2020 contributed ideas, reviewed the content and...

Advice for test driving a used Pilot
Advice for test driving a used Pilot - Honda Pilot Forums
Greetings Pilot owners, My wife and I are going to be picking up at 2014 Pilot LX this Thursday. Although we are excited and thankful that this whole mostly frustrating purchasing new car experience will be over, I'm starting to lose confidence in this investment we are making, based on the number of VCM related issues that other owners on this site have been reporting for some time.

Has the VCM been deactivated? Better late than never...

S-VCM Controller - Disable VCM / deactivate VCM and stop ECO in Honda Acura
S-VCM Controller - Disable VCM / deactivate VCM and stop ECO in Honda Acura
Deactivate Honda VCM in 3.5L V6 SOHC engines. The S-VCM Controller is an automobile grade, high precision tool that can reliably disable VCM 100% of the time, and would safely bypass in case the engine overheats. It does not use a fixed resistor or manually adjusted potentiometer, and is a much better solution than VCMuzzler, VCMTuner, MaxiLink, VCM Muzzler, VCM Suppressor.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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